The Sewing Basket

Day 3 - The Sewing Basket, Luverne MN

All in Stitches

Day 1 - All in Stitches, New Florence MO. (We got there after closing time, but someone was still there, and she let us in, sold us the kits, and even took our picture)

Sit n Rock Quilt and Sewing Shop

Day 29 - Sit n Rock Quilt and Sewing Shop, Oxford MS

Sew Much More

Day 29 - Sew Much More, Sherwood AR. (Come on in, have a seat, and let's talk about quilting. True Southern hospitality!)

P C Embroidery

Day 28 - PC Embroidery, Shreveport LA

Bernina Sew and Quilt

Day 28 - Bernina Sew and Quilt, Waco TX

Sew Easy Sewing New Mexico

Day 25 - Sew Easy Sewing New Mexico, Roswell NM. (These folks were awesome! We knew we were going to be driving through New Mexico on Sunday, and there weren't any quilt shops open along our route. Dianne called Sew Easy Sewing several weeks bef…

Quilter's Store Sedona

Day 22 - Quilter's Store Sedona, Sedona AZ

The Quilter's Faire

Day 21 - The Quilter's Faire, Palm Desert CA

Quilt Ventura

Day 21 - Quilt Ventura, Ventura CA

Always Quilting

Day 15 - Always Quilting, San Mateo CA. (This was Dianne's favorite quilt shop when we lived in the Bay Area)

Windy Moon Quilts

Day 15 - Windy Moon Quilts, Reno NV

Quilter's Cove

Day 14 - Quilter's Cove, Newport OR

The Quilt Crossing

Day 9 - The Quilt Crossing, Boise ID

Village Dry Goods

Day 9 - Village Dry Goods, Brigham City UT

Snowy River Quilts and Vintage Finds

Day 8 - Snowy River Quilts and Vintage Finds, Laramie WY

Presser Foot

Day 7 - Presser Foot, Fort Collins CO. (This was another last minute arrival. They had already locked their doors, but let us in so Dianne got her Colorado selection!)

Quilt Connection Etc

Day 5 - Quilt Connection Etc, Rapid City SD. (The row above Dianne's head was the "must have" selection for this trip. And we got it!)

Bernina Sewing Center

Day 5 - Bernina Sewing Center, Billings MT. (Yeah, Billings pretty much sucked, except for the Bernina Sewing Center)

Modern Textiles

Day 3 - Modern Textiles, Fargo ND. (This was another bell-beater, but they let us in, sold us their kits, and didn't complain at all)

Heart and Hand Dry Goods

Day 3 - Heart and Hand Dry Goods, Sioux City IA

International Quilting Study Center and Museum

Day 2 - International Quilting Study Center and Museum, Lincoln N


Day 2 - Crafthouse, Lincoln NE

First City Quilts

Day 2 - First City Quilts, Leavenworth KS

Jackman's Fabrics

Day 1 - Jackman's Fabrics, Fairview Heights IL

Hancock's of Paducah

Day 2 - Hancock's of Paducah, Paducah KY

National Quilt Museum

Day 1 - National Quilt Museum, Paducah KY

Sew Memphis

Day 29 - Sew Memphis, Memphis TN. (And now, it's time to go home)

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